DIY Brooches of Your Pets

Love your pets so much you want to take them everywhere? Well with this crafty project, you can! (kind of). Get creative and turn your pet into a brooch or earrings. I have a dog and budgies, and I started with a brooch of my pups face. It was such a fun process that I want to show you below how to do it. This step-by-step guide uses my beautiful budgie as a creative muse.


What you need:

  • Access to an oven
  • Polymer clay (This is much cheaper on eBay than in craft stores)
  • Baking tray
  • Baking paper
  • Clay tools (Not necessary, but certainly nice to have. A lot of clay kits you buy online include these tools)
  • Jewellery bits (You can pick these up for a few dollars from Spotlight or Lincraft)
  •  Super glue

Set yourself up somewhere nice, with a flat surface and a good view of your pet. I actually find it easier though to look at a good photo of your pet instead of trying to base it on them when they’re moving around. Here’s a picture of my perfect Petey.


Step 1 

Set up and pour a wine. Roll out your clay on the baking paper and a hard flat surface. Start with your base colour and roll it pretty thin in the general shape of the pet, around 2mm. You’ll notice I had run out of white and black, so these earrings are going to be a pretty abstract interpretation of Petey’s coat. Make sure if it’s a brooch that the base layer is bigger than your jewellery going on the back.


Step 2

Add layers of different colours on top to build up the details, making sure you press them in hard to the below layer. This will make sure they don’t fall apart once they’re baked. Nows the time to use your tools and scratch in some markings if you want. 


Step 3

Place the completed earrings or brooches in the oven at around 140 degrees Celsius. Put a timer on for 45 minutes. When you pull them out, let them cool on the hot tray until they’re room temperature.


Step 4

Think about how you want the brooch or earring to sit, and super glue the jewellery piece on the back. Give it a few seconds to dry, and then try them on!


Here’s me channelling ‘Kath and Kim’. A portrait…Girl with a Parrot earring.







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