Terracotta Mosaic Pots

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Our DIY terracotta mosaic pot kits come with everything you need for a group of 4 people to make something completely unique.

Each box contains:

  • 4 x pre-sealed terracotta pots 
  • 4 x Tile packs (custom, surprise pick or one of our favourite colour combos)
  • 4 x Grout packs (custom, surprise pick or one of our favourite colour combos)
  • 4 x Glue pots, quick-drying and weld-strength
  • 4 x Sponges for cleaning
  • Paddle pop sticks (including some of the cutest you will ever see!)

Choose from Our Favourites

How will you ever decide? You might fall in love with Bouquet, or the beautiful Hydrangea.  Take in the serenity of Seascape.  Spice it up with Hot Peppers or a little Fireball.  The more festive Kaleidoscope is our most popular multi colour pot.  

Or Go Custom

Let your imagination run wild, we have 17 different tile colours to choose from and 3 different grouts. You can pick as many different tile colours as you like! We have found somewhere between  3-6 colours to be optimal. Our favourite grouts are White and Tumbleweed for bright pots that POP with any colour combination.  If you’re selecting very light tiles you may prefer our Pebble grout for a darker contrast.

All colour combos of tiles and grout for Our Favourites are listed if you’re looking for inspiration.

Still can’t decide, let us Surprise You!

If you would like to leave it to the experts, one of our staff will pick one or all four of your pots for you.  So many possibilities.