Terracotta Mosaic Planters

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Our terracotta mosaic planter boxes come with everything you need for a group of 4 people to make something completely unique. Each box comes with:

  • 4x pre-sealed terracotta pots
  • 4x your own colour palette of tiles
  • 4x your own colour of grout cement
  • 4x quick-dry, weld-strength glue
  • 4x sponges
  • Paddle pop sticks


Tips Selecting Your Palette

We recommend only selecting the darker varieties of grout (Silver Fox, Twilight Blue, Terracotta) when you have selected light-colored mosaic tiles. Otherwise, it's hard to distinguish where the grout ends and the tiles start.

Our favourite grouts are White and Meringue as these very light grouts seem to make the tiles POP and work with any variety of tiles you select.

Can't decide on a Palette?

If you want to leave it up to our experts, just leave the tiles selection blank and one of staff will pick you a perfect blend and diverse mix of colours for each pot.