4 Terracotta Daisy Pots

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Our DIY terracotta daisy pot kit comes with everything you need for a group of 4 people to make something completely unique.

Each box contains:

  • 4 x pre-sealed terracotta pots 
  • 4 x Polymer Clay packs (custom or one of our favourite colour combos)
  • 4 x Glue pots, quick-drying and weld-strength
  • 4 x Medium Daisy Clay Cutters
  • 4 x Mini Daisy Clay Cutters
  • 4 x Rolling Pins
  • 4 x Cutting Mats
  • 4 x Clay Scrapers
  • 4 x Mini Paddle Pop Sticks
  • 8 x Timber Tooth Picks

Choose from Our Favourites

How will you ever decide? Go classic with the White daisy or mix it up with the colourful Pastels.  Maybe Sky blue is more your style or the very pretty in pink Blush.  Or for a little serenity go with the calming Lilac.

Or Go Custom

Let your imagination run wild, we have five different polymer clays for you to choose from.  Choose one or all four for a colourful display of daisy petals.  Maybe you will choose matching centres or go for contrasting colours?  You can choose up to three colours for the centres. 

Or create your own unique patterns by marbling, spotting or rolling the clays together.  So many possibilities!