Unique Ideas for Hens Party at Home

Sometimes the best Hens night, doesn't have to be a wild night filled with debauchery and saucy stories. More often than not, the bride to be will want an intimate, fun event with her closest friends around someone's home. There are a huge number of benefits to having a hens party at home. For one, your bridesmaids will save money, time and won't be relying on the punctuality of low-cost air carriers. 

Not to mention, within your own home, you can do whatever you want - so you can let your creative flair shine. You can have something low key with crafts and activities or still go big with cocktails, dancing and partying in your own living room. The best hens nights are those that start at home, and hey, if some of your guests want to go out after, they still can. So we've put together a great list of unique, fun hens party ideas to have around the home. 

So pick just one, or try to do them all!  

Life Drawing

Hens party life drawing

~$500 for a Professional

Life drawing is always a great way to start your bachelorette or hens party. There are thousands of models you can hire for life drawings around Australia. They'll come to your house, serve drinks and even bring your sketch pad and materials. What better way to kick your hens night off with nudity, laughter, drinks and (shitty) art.

Terracotta Mosaic Planters by Dawdle

$35 per person

Dawdle's craft boxes are perfect for hens nights at home. Our terracotta mosaic planters are just the right size to complete in 90 minutes, so a perfect way to start your evening. What's best is upon ordering each pot you get to handpick your colour palette for the tiles and grout. This means each person will have a completely unique pot, ready to plant in. Take a look at our boxes here.

Wine Tasting 

Girls drinking wine around the table

~$50 per person for a Professional • Or DIY for a little cheaper

A wine tasting is one of those activities you would rarely have in your own home. So why not take advantage of this special occasion and organise a great selection of wines. You can hire a professional to come to your home, however it may end up costing over $50pp, so why not do it yourself. If you do your research first you can act as a pop-up sommelier and show off to all your friends. Have some fun with it!

Hire a Psychic

Tarot cards and psychic - hens party

~$350 for 2 hours

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, a psychic can be a unique way to entertain your hen's guests. Although probably not enough of an event on its own, having a psychic around to entertain guests by predicting their fortunes is often a lot of fun, especially after a few drinks. Most psychics will provide a variety of packages, so your bridesmaids can choose for private consultations of group themed activities. Most psychics come with a 2 hour minimum for home calls, so can be the perfect add on activity for your hens night or bachelor party.

DIY Flower Crowns

Flower crowns DIY - party of girls

~$300 for a group of 10

If you want to create something truly unique and memorable, why not make your own flower crowns? Although workshops exist at various locations, why not have a crack at doing it yourself. All you'll need is a selection of filler greenery, a selection of beautiful flowers and florist wire. Depending on the number of guests this can usually be done for under a couple of hundred dollars, especially if you get your flora from a local market. Afterward, you'll each have something to remember the hen's night forever (or until your flowers die a few days later).

Paint n Sip with Bob Ross

Paint and sip art

~$25 per person

Set up your own paint and sip activity. And who better to use as an instructor then Bob Ross! Let his soothing, calm voice ease your guests and open up their artistic flair. He has thousands of painting instructional videos to choose from on Youtube - all you'll need is a TV to project the one you choose. You can pick up canvases for $10 each at your nearest art store. Then just ensure you get a small mix of paints and paintbrushes for your guests. It shouldn't cost more than $25 per person. You can also alternatively book a professional to come to your house with all the supplies, however, this will generally cost at least $50 per person.

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